Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Who, What, Where?

Hello and welcome, 

I am very pleased to announce the launch of!   This romance genre based website is dedicated to bringing news, book reviews, author updates and most importantly, the latest in Romance releases.  Consider this blog a link to the site (but feel free to visit anyway!), a place where any and all things romance related can be discussed. is something I take great pride in because it's about providing quality romance for the reader and support for the aspiring writer/dreamer.  Like many who love snuggling up with a good romance, my passion for this genre was ignited early in my life and the fire still burns today.  As you will discover the site isn't about bombarding the viewer with the latest and greatest, it's not a strip mall of everything the genre has to offer.  Variety it certainly has but not overwhelmingly so.  

I invite you to notify me of any author news, book signings, special sale events, book releases, etc and would be happy to feature them on the site and/or Facebook page.  This is a work in progress, with your input it will evolve into something wonderful for this much underrated genre.  Along the way I hope to discover a lot of amazing writers and look forward to hearing from you as well!  

Happy Reading!


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