Monday, March 25, 2013

Latest AYL Review!

Originally posted on my website, I thought it worth re-posting my review of a Sandra Brown classic, "Hidden Fires". 

One of my all time favorite romance reads, Sandra Brown, brings together beautifully the harshness of the West with the sweet softness of a hard fought love of a lifetime in this classic Brown novel.  Hidden Fires is the perfect compliment to a cold wintry day and a snugly well used chair.  
Sandra Brown

Preacher's daughter Lauren thinks that she is going to work for wealthy Olivia Lockett as a secretary. Instead, the matriarch makes Lauren a scandalous offer to marry her son in name only. Lauren has strong feelings for him but are they strong enough?

Brought to a Texas ranch under false pretenses and a desperate need to escape her own troubles, Lauren arrives to find a family ravaged by secrets.  What's worse, despite every instinct in her body, she's undeniably attracted to the wild and reckless son of the kind gentleman who invited her there to be his wife's secretary.  Jared is everything your mama warned against and sexy as hell. Hidden Fires
At once Lauren's expectations of her new life are thrown awry when she learns upon her arrival that Jared's father has suddenly passed away and Jared's apparent dislike for her makes a bad situation worse.  But it's his mother's unspeakable proposition that nearly causes Lauren to return home to her former, less seemingly insurmountable demons.  However, the longer she is around Jared the more she glimpses the kindness and vulnerability he works so hard to conceal, the more she can't bear to leave him.  As the story unfolds the reader is taken on a journey behind the curtain of a family in crisis and saved by the love that unfurls between two unlikely people that didn't know what they needed until they found it in each other.  

Happy Reading!

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