Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There and Back Again... A Romance Readers Tale

Being a pack rat has its advantages.  From time to time you get to relive and remember things from your past.  My brother calls it the "life in review" moment.  You know that moment you're knee deep in a storage box and the memories of old friendships, old loves, old embarrassments and forgotten times come flooding back as you sift through your old "treasures".  Among my treasures I found unfinished friendship bracelets, countless photographs, notes and letters from people and things I haven't thought about in years.  But what I was most excited about were the old romance books I read.  Favorites I hadn't picked up in years, one author I completely forgot about until now!  Elizabeth Elliott.  How could I forget her?!  I certainly hadn't forgotten her book, Warlord (which I devoured again over the next 48 hours.  Yup, still awesome).  

I also found my first copy of Elizabeth Lowell's, Only Love, which is part of her unforgettable Only series.  If you haven't discovered these you are MISSING it.  Over the years I have given away several copies of these books, knowing I'd probably never see them again.  What can I say, I'm a firm believer in sharing the love.  

Several teen romances and a Brenda Joyce favorite later and I look up to find myself surrounded by my past.  Yes, being a pack rat certainly has its advantages.  

So, what are some of your favorite romance reads from the past?  Go on, share the love!  

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